The Crimson Pact: Volume One

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In an attempt at destroying demonic invaders, great armies are gathered and a cataclysmic battle is fought, with victory — albeit at a horrendous price — finally going to the human forces.

Because, as in all things moral and just, evil often has the power to subvert and overcome, even at the moment of triumph. Tracy, we discover that precisely this has occurred — that ostensible victory is in fact crushing defeat, as the hordes of demons abruptly withdraw and, siphoning the vast power of death and suffering and pain concomitant with the battle, break through the barriers that separate worlds, systems, dimensions, and universes. More than that, however, the human forces realize what has happened and understand the enormity of their vulnerability in the face of the new conditions.

A few elect to return to their long-abandoned families and live out whatever years of peace they may find; others — and more specifically, many of those who will become characters in the stories to follow — determine to carry the battle beyond the Void to the strongholds of the enemy, even though to do so requires their own deaths.

The Crimson Pact Vols. 1-4 – Book Review

Thus the stage was set for the original fifteen short stories and eleven flash fiction stories in volume one and the scores of tales in the three soon to be four volumes that followed … tales that incorporated the atmospheric, the psychological, the technological, the theological; tales whose central characters chose to confront evil as well as characters upon whom the choice was forced, even — as in volumes three and four — characters who have turned against their own kind; tales that explored landscapes as varied as Chicago, New York, and London, landscapes as unassuming as nameless hamlets and isolated farms, landscapes both mythologically rich and technologically overpowering … and extending the sense of strangeness and danger inherent in each into uncharted worlds beyond.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the series, above and beyond the consistently high quality of stories told and the unending diversity of themes and approaches, is the feeling I enjoyed while reading that I was to a degree sitting in a movie theater. As a child, I was young enough to have looked forward to the pre-feature-film episodic serials that were then almost a required part of the experience.

A few years later, and I relived those episodes on afternoon television, two serials in half-hour slots on one of the two television channels we received in s Billings, Montana. In reading the four volumes of The Crimson Pact , I re-lived those moments of heart-pounding thrill. A fair percentage of every volume consists of direct or indirect sequels from preceding volumes. Well-known characters either find themselves in new conflicts or intricate plots continue to unfold in new places and, occasionally, new times.

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There is the instant of recognition — ah, yes! I remember this fellow — followed by anticipation of what new horrors he or she will confront. For devotees of rough-and-tumble adventures, every volume of The Crimson Pact offers battle after battle, from battle-royals extending over page after page to surgically precise one-on-one combats. And in every case, intrepid demon-hunters much confront demons of the most ferocious sorts. And, as with the movie serials, there is the additional treat — the anticipation — of a special full-length feature, most particularly the novella that opens volume four.

With stories by Patrick M.

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Bingle, Chris Pierson, Barbara J. Join the pact. Fight the demons now.

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The Crimson Pact 5 books. Fallout from My Former Life Reunited with those from his past, Kilik confronts Empress Luna, Matriarch of the Armoon Empire, and warns her of the coming danger from Vires. Error rating book. This curse instead deals damage equal to the damage you suffered, and it ignores necrotic resistance.

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The moment of the demons' defeat became their greatest victory. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:.