Born to Die: Montana series, book 3 (Selena Alvarez/Regan Pescoli)

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Born to Die (Alvarez & Pescoli, book 3) by Lisa Jackson

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When a figure leapt out at her from the darkness, she fired without thinking. The crime scene is as puzzling as it is brutal. In the previous books, Pescoli's kids were a distraction to her. This was more of a thriller than the other two in this set. Payment details. One of the Five Firsts, Carman, rushes to save him, but isn't so lucky. The Night Before: Savannah series, book 1.

Used book in very good condition. Some cover wear, may contain a few marks.

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For in this world where revenge and deceit prevails, a sick mind can easily be fed and nurtured. Lisa chose Wales as the setting of her medieval romance stories.

Born To Die

The theme still put emphasis on supernatural powers believed to have been possessed by great families during the era. In these books, readers meet sorcerers and warriors who have lead reclusive lives in order to maintain and keep their extra-ordinary powers. Lisa Jackson has written several series alone and some with her sister, Nancy Bush. In each series, she has nurtured characters that hr readers easily fall in love with. Her first book in this series was a psychological thriller about a serial killer and a celebrity whose lives are bound by a dark past.

Set in New Orleans, this hard-to-put-down book has become a best seller. The second book was clearly a sequel of the first, with its title Cold Blooded. This one was again another great thriller, with Detective Rick Bentz working with Reuben Montoya to catch another serial killer, one who considers him his worst enemy. The major characters in this series are Detectives Regan Pescoli and Selena Alvarez, a pair of female detectives. The first book of this series, Left to Die, had these detectives run after a serial killer who kidnaps women, tie them to a tree in the woods, and leave them to die.

The Savannah series is composed of three books featuring Detective Pierce Reed and Detective Sylvie Morrisette trying to solve serial killings in Savannah. One character, Nikki, fell in love with Reed.

A news reporter, she tags along wherever Reed is investigating a case until she became a target as well. The two books that comprise this series are all set in San Francisco. The two books revolve around members of the Cahill family, who seemed to be the target of a serial killer.

It is up to Detective Anthony Paterno to find out who the killer is and to save another Cahill from losing her life. Both books have been labeled the best suspense thriller which the reader cannot put down once started. The series has two books, Deep Freeze and Fatal Burn. The first book tells of an actress who wanted to escape the problems and intrigues she faces and so, she decided to take refuge near the Columbia River. The lab had found traces of bark in both victims' hair. The wood splinters matched those of the trees to which they had been lashed.

The bruises and contusions on their bodies had been consistent with being tethered to the trees, and they each had a cut or two from a knife, nothing deep, just a quick little slice, or prick, as if whoever had been urging them to their ultimate place of death had prodded them along. But other wounds had begun to heal, according to the autopsies.

Injuries consistent with what had been sustained in their car wrecks had begun to heal: broken metacarpals, cracked ribs and a fractured radius in Theresa Charleton's case; a broken clavicle and dislocated knee for Nina Salvadore. Each woman's bones appeared to have been set, her abrasions tended to.

Chosen To Die

Salvadore even appeared to have had recent stitches on her right cheek and an area of scalp where some hair had been shaved away. Why bring them somewhat back to health only to leave their naked bodies out in the weather?


Why heal them only to let them die? The case was odd. And Alvarez had spent dozens of hours of overtime trying to get into the killer's head. To no avail. On the kitchen counter the coffee machine gurgled and sputtered its last drops just about the same time Joelle Fisher, secretary and receptionist for the department, breezed in. That's my job, you know," she said with one of her ever-present smiles. Nearing sixty, Joelle looked ten years younger except for the fact that she insisted upon wearing her platinum hair in some kind of teased hairdo reminiscent of the fifties screen sirens Alvarez remembered from watching old movies with her mother.

Joelle's pretty face squinched up as she quickly picked up some old napkins and stir sticks left on one of the tables, then wiped the surface. Pouring herself a cup, Selena didn't think Dan Grayson gave a flying fig about who made the coffee, but she kept her views to herself. Joelle's smug self-satisfaction about all things domestic was no big deal. If she considered the kitchen her little kingdom, so be it. Brewster was a good guy, happily married, the father of four, but there was something about him that put her on edge a bit.

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A glint in his eye, maybe, or the way his smile didn't always meet his gaze. Or maybe she was being supersensitive. Brewster had never done anything untoward to her, or to anyone else in the department as far as she knew.

Joelle, miffed, strutted out of the kitchen, her high heels tapping indignantly down the hallway. Her shift wasn't due to start for another forty-five minutes, but a few of the night crew were trading stories and packing up. From Ivor Hicks. If he can be believed, we've got ourselves another one. Regan Pescoli buried her face into her pillow and groaned at the thought of rousing. Bing Crosby crooning about the joys of snow wasn't exactly what she wanted to hear, not this morning.

Born to Die

Her head was thundering, her mouth tasted like garbage and the last thing she needed was to roll out of a nice warm bed and head to the sheriff's department office where all hell was surely breaking loose with this last storm. She slapped at the damned radio without opening her eyes, missed and realized belatedly that she wasn't in her own bed.

Holy crap! Lifting an eyelid, she focused on her surroundings only to recognize the scarred, shabby furniture of room seven at the North Shore, a small, local motel where she stayed overnight with her sometime lover. Never mind that the low-slung concrete-block motel was situated at the south end of town, near the county line, and there was no shore, no river, no lake and certainly no ocean for miles.

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Born to Die: Montana series, book 3 (Selena Alvarez/Regan Pescoli) eBook: Lisa Jackson: Kindle Store. Editorial Reviews. Review. 'In a word: clever' The Herald Sun '[ALMOST DEAD contains an] excellent subplot revelation that few readers will see coming' The.

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